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Best practices for effective exterior and storefront signage

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

TFA Signs will take you deep inside the world of exterior and storefront signage best practices as we discuss the craft of making an impression that lasts. Learn how to create engaging signage that draws clients and brings vitality to your business's exterior. We analyze the key components that make up an impressive exterior display, from the perfect equilibrium of dimensions and accessibility to the thoughtful application of colors and lighting.

Learn how TFA Signs makes the most of its expertise to accurately blend the identity of your business into each sign, optimizing commercial identification through consistency. We go over the importance of readable fonts and plain language to ensure that your storefront sign effectively communicates your message.

Connect with us on this helpful journey as we guide you through the crucial stages of conformity, servicing, and advantageous positioning. We'll help you develop an attractive, adaptable exterior and storefront business signage ideas method that draws customers to your business and leaves an eternal mark on your target audience.


A well-constructed and properly positioned exterior and storefront signage may have an enormous effect on your business's exposure, attract prospective clients, and efficiently communicate your message in marketing and commerce. It's important to get your storefront sign properly installed because it frequently serves as the initial point for interaction with you, your business, and customers in the future.

We'll go over the finest methods for designing eye-catching storefront and exterior and storefront signage for your business in this piece of content.

Effective exterior signage cost:

The exact cost of storefront and exterior signage relies on an array of variables, such as its size, content, specifications for design, positioning requirements, and location. Simple storefront signage could cost as little as a few hundred dollars for small, plain signs.

Likewise, greater, more complex signs may cost something from a few thousand up to tens of thousands of dollars for highly customized and advanced styles.

Your business and its messaging:

While each of them may have a distinct function, if done properly, we design good storefront signage which may enhance your business's visibility, give your clients and prospective clients delicate but crucial communication signals, and ultimately help you close a transaction.

Your business's traits, whether they are significant, innovative, active, or professional, should be reflected in your signage. Building brand recognition requires maintaining clarity in marketing across all signs.


We take steps to ensure the signage on your storefront is easy to interpret. We use basic typography and stay away from overcrowding your pages with text or images. A crowded sign may be imprecise and misleading to viewers. Also we make an attempt to convey your message in a way that is straightforward and brief.

Readability and simplicity:

We make certain that the signage on your storefront is accurate and readable from a distance. While selecting colors and letter sizes that people can easily understand, we keep in mind factors like roadway speed and the geographical region around you. As strong background and content contrast increase textual reading, we keep it as a top priority while designing the storefront signage.

Orientation and Location:

Despite the fact that storefront signage tends to be horizontal, an upward or skewed orientation may be more effective, depending on the design or space of your business. If you're having trouble choosing, if necessary, we provide you with an artist or designer to make a few paper mock-ups.

It is vital to double-check that your sign's orientation, font, and messaging are exactly what you want because once it has been installed, it might be expensive to get rid of or alter.

Material and Quality:

We pick materials of superior quality that will withstand exposure to weather conditions and retain their aesthetic appeal as time passes. Durability and a polished appearance are guaranteed by strong supplies for your signs.


If your business is open after dark, think about including lighting components in your signs for optimal visibility. Signs that are lit improve readability and have the potential to significantly increase client attraction at night.

Signage cost for business LED:

The dimensions, complex design, LED element effectiveness, customization, setup demands, and regular upkeep are just a few of the variables that can greatly affect the cost of LED signage for your business. Because of its low power consumption, illumination, and capability to show current information, LED signage is a popular option.

Awning storefront and signage:

It is our creative and eye-catching technique to improve the exterior of your business i.e. to create and put up awning storefronts with corresponding signage. While signage efficiently conveys your business name and draws customers, awnings offer shade, weatherproofing, and a fashionable appearance.

Compliance and Regulations:

Familiarize yourself with the exterior and storefront signage-related costs and permits, zoning laws, and rules in your area. In order to prevent legal troubles and fines, make sure your signage adheres to every rule.

Uniformity in Signage:

Keep all exterior and storefront signs consistent in terms of design, color methods, and marketing. This develops a unified and expert image that strengthens your business's identification.

Consistent Upkeep:

To keep your signage in good shape, regularly check and take care of it. Signage that has faded, been damaged, or is out of date may portray your business in a negative light.

Storefront digital signage:

Storefront digital signage, sometimes referred to as digital storefront displays, is an attention-grabbing and interactive approach to sharing information with the public and advertising products or services to visitors. It entails showcasing different materials, such as ads, advancements, videos, photos, or current data, on digital screens or displays installed within or outside your business.


Consider TFA signs when you want to replace or refresh your exterior and storefront signs. The previously mentioned best practices are a crucial component of our system for designing, producing, and placing exterior signs because we are professionals in this field.

Our experts offer a broad range of signs, from floor signs and customized metal signs to illuminated channel letters. Our skilled designers will work with you to realize any outside sign vision you may have.

We'll collaborate with you to design the sign using the colors, logo, and fonts of your business. Our creative staff will put your business's name and tagline exactly where you want them on the sign.

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