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How does bad signage hurt your business?

TFA Signage Solutions clarifies the importance of strategic and intelligent signage and provides information on how companies can improve visibility, customer satisfaction, and profitability in general by implementing efficient signage strategies. Take advantage of the insightful opinions and useful solutions that TFA Signage Solutions can provide to prevent poor signage from undermining your company.

Adequate signage is essential in today’s business environment for drawing clients, promoting businesses, and increasing visibility. Signage’s significance, however, extends beyond its appearance and encompasses the impression and quality it leaves behind. As a top supplier in the field, TFA Signage solutions are aware of the negative impact that badly designed signs can have on your business. It is imperative for any business looking to uphold an excellent reputation and increase client engagement to identify the clear signs of bad signage. Outdated, badly designed, or badly visible signs might unintentionally give the wrong impression, driving away potential clients and slow down a business’s ability to succeed as a whole.

Examples of bad signage

Overlooking signage planning

For signs to be successful, adequate planning is necessary. It will be important for you to determine the quantity, placement, and wording of the signage. It's also critical to remember that your signage needs to match your objectives.

Dim lighting

Make sure people can see your signs if you want them to take note of them. Ensuring that the language on your sign is not obscured by intense sunlight is especially crucial during the day. Consider moving your sign to a better location or adding extra illumination if the location where it is now located is too dim.

Illegible font and size

Your company signs should be legible at a distance of at least five feet from the sign itself, with legible fonts and a size that is appropriate for reading. This will help customers discover your business more easily and make the signage stand out.

Bad crafted signage

Your company name should be prominently displayed on your sign in an eye-catching manner. A direction arrow pointing in the direction of your business should be included on any sign you use for direction. This will make it easier for people to discover you without having to read any text.

Mismatched Color Scheme for Your Sign

Your company sign's color scheme should be striking without being overly garish. Bright colors are essential for getting visitors to notice your signage quickly, but they shouldn't be overly striking or distracting. The colors that have the greatest connection with the sector you work in should be taken into account when selecting the color scheme for your sign. You should also consider how the colors you choose will impact how people view your company.

Bad grammar and spelling

The text on your sign should be legible and clear. Any errors in the wording could lead to misunderstandings and raise doubts about the legitimacy of your company. Make sure the text on your sign is consistent in style, grammatically accurate, and spelled correctly. Make sure the unusual typeface you choose can be read at a distance.

Out-of-proportion sign size

It will be difficult to read your sign from a distance if it is too small. A larger-than-average sign will help it be noticed from a greater distance if you operate an important company or need to market on a road that is busy. People who often see the same message pushed in their faces by an overly huge sign may likewise feel as though they are being spammed.

Keeping in mind the fact that you need your signs to accurately represent your company is the most crucial thing to do. If it doesn't, your clients will be puzzled and perhaps find another company. Thus, take your time and make sure that everything about your brand, from your colors and logo to the text size and placement of your sign, is consistent with what you want potential customers to know.

Bad airport signage

The importance of good communication in the healthcare industry cannot be overemphasized, and poor hospital signage can cause misunderstandings and increased stress for staff, patients, and visitors. One frequent problem is insufficient way finding signage, which can lead to confusion and delays due to badly defined walkways, imprecise directions, or improper signage for important locations like restrooms and emergency rooms. Furthermore, inaccurate department names or out-of-date contact information might make it more difficult for patients to get the care they require when it comes to outdated or conflicting information on hospital signage. Bad hospital signage has more negative effects than just being inconvenient; it can also negatively affect patients' entire experiences, lead to confusion, and possibly put at risk the facility's ability to provide treatment effectively and efficiently.

Bad hospital signage

Poor signage can cause a host of problems for travellers in the busy airport environment, where effectiveness and transparency are crucial. Passengers may find it difficult to find important airport amenities like check-in booths, checkpoints for security, or departure gates due to badly designed or unclear signage. People navigating airports without clear directions can experience needless tension, interruptions, and even missed flights due to inadequate way finding. Bad airport signage additionally detracts from the traveller experience but also raises possible security issues and operational inefficiencies. Airports need to put a high priority on having easily comprehensible signage that leads travellers through the intricacies of their trip in order to guarantee a smooth and enjoyable travel experience.


Businesses are urged by TFA signage solutions to periodically evaluate the physical state of their signs to make sure they are still observable, kept up, and consistent with your business’s general advertising plan.

Additionally, TFA signage solutions are aware of how technology has impacted modern signs. Bad signs or not digital in a time when dynamic digital displays are typical could give the impression that technology is becoming outdated. Businesses need to modify their signage tactics in order to stay relevant as technology advances.

To sum up, TFA signage solutions advises companies to be watchful for indications of bad signage that could negatively impact their operations. By giving priority to design aesthetics, clarity, visibility and technical relevance, businesses may use signs as an effective tool to improve their business’s image, draw clients, and ultimately boost overall business success.

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